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From Doklam to Tibet

September 7, 2017

As the Doklam standoff ended last week, observers were left wondering what the legal circumstances of the situation is, including the international legal status of Tibet. Even the large online Wikipedia encyclopedia added a section titled “Tibetan sovereignty debate” which was last edited on August 27th, 2017.......Read More

China’s Himalayan Climb-Down

September 4, 2017

A three-month standoff between Chinese and Indian troops in a remote corner of the Himalayas ended this week with both sides agreeing to withdraw. Beijing is claiming victory, but this is face-saving bravado. New Delhi successfully repulsed a Chinese attempt to assert control over the disputed region.......Read More

Tibet Insight News

September 4, 2017

The official Tibet Daily reported on July 28, 2017, that a new crackdown on “illegal activity” has been launched in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) to “safeguard national unity and social stability” and ensure compliance to the Party prior to the 19th Party Congress.......Read More

Flooded Tibet: struggling to adapt to the new reality

September 4, 2017

On 30 August 2017, a massive landslide buried nine people in Golok Machen region of north eastern Tibet. The horrifying disaster occurred in the early hours of the day (4:30am) while residents were still in bed. The day could have been, otherwise, a beautiful summer morning with nomadic melodies echoing across the valley as residents... Read more »......Read More

By Zamlha Tempa Gyaltsen*

Ideological campaign in Tibet ahead of the 19th Party Congress

August 31, 2017

As the 19th Party Congress coming to its unveiling this fall, the Party-state has been endorsing in full swing a new ideological campaign called “four stresses and four loves” (སྣང་ཆེན་བཞི་དང་དགའ་ཞེན་བཞི།) in the ‘Tibet Autonomous Region.’ The ideological campaign has germinated in the beginning of this year and inevitably penetrates into all levels of society and every aspects of life in the ‘TAR’.......Read More

By Tenzin Tseten*

Nothing Rong in Tibet

August 29, 2017

Addressing its abusive past has never been a strength for the Chinese Communist Party, particularly in hotspots like Tibet. If anything, the party has become increasingly strident in defending its record in that region.......Read More

Tibet Insight News

August 29, 2017

On August 1, 2017, the TAR Regional Party Committee met to study the importance of implementing the speech given by General Secretary Xi Jinping on July 26. TAR Party Secretary Wu Yingjie presided and stressed that leading cadres at the provincial and ministerial levels TAR should seriously study the speech and uphold the spirit of socialism with Chinese characteristics.......Read More

The Thirty-Third King of Tibet: Srong-btsan sgam-po and his Period

August 22, 2017

The thirty-third King of Tibet, Srongtsan Gampo [Tib: Srong-btsan sgam-po] is a well known figure in Tibetan history. In fact, many scholars maintain that the written history of Tibet started from his period only. Many aspects of Tibetan history and cultural developments are attributed as being King Srongtsan Gampo’s achievements.......Read More


August 21, 2017

On February 16, 1768, the Court of Directors of the East India Company in London wrote to Warren Hastings: “we desire you to obtain the best intelligence you can whether cloth and other European commodities may not find their way to Tibet, Lhasa and the Western parts of China.” This spurred the British exploration of the Himalayas, an effort that has led today to the face-off between the two giant armies of India and China, who now stand on the brink of war.......Read More

Build the Tibet Narrative to Reinforce Its Global Relevance: CTA President tells Young Tibetan Research Scholars

August 17, 2017

Dharamshala: President of Central Tibetan Administration, Dr Lobsang Sangay today inaugurated the 3rd Young Tibetan Research Scholar’s Conference organised by Tibet Policy Institute, think tank of the Central Tibetan Administration. The three-day conference themed ‘Tibet and Tibetans: Prospects and Challenges’ is being held at the College for Higher Tibetan Studies, Sahra near Dharamshala.......Read More

Tibet Insight News

August 11, 2017

TAR Party Secretary Wu Yingjie and Auditor General Hu Zejun of the CCP’s National Audit Office met in Beijing on July 26, 2017, to discuss a wide range of issues relating to the economic and social development of Tibet.......Read More

The Global Times: A window to Beijing’s thinking?

August 3, 2017

For the past one month, the standoff between India and China is getting murkier for many reasons. It all started with the construction of motorable road by the Chinese People's Liberation Army on Doklam, a disputed territory between Bhutan and Tibet on 16th June 2017, followed by many developments reported in Indian and Chinese media, particularly, in the Global Times, a major Chinese newspaper which is published both in Chinese and English. For Indian media and analysts, the Global Times has become a source of their understanding of Beijing's thinking.......Read More

By Tenzin Tsultrim*


July 28, 2017

Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported on July 10, 2017, that Tibetans living in Lhasa and in western China’s Qinghai and Sichuan provinces celebrated the Dalai Lama’s birthday the previous week with prayer gatherings and public picnics in open defiance of a ban by Chinese authorities.......Read More