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September 4, 2017 By Centre for China Analysis & Strategy, CCAS

TAR Delegates to the 19th Party Congress (Oct-Nov 2017)

29 delegates will represent the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) at the 19th Party Congress to be held in Beijing in October-November 2017. The delegates are: Ding Yexian, Ma Shengchang, Wang Yongjun, Ba Zhen (FemaleTibetan), Pema Yangchen (Female- Menba nationality),Pema Wangdue (Tibetan), Nyima Dangqu(Tibetan), Penpa Tashi(Tibetan Party committee), Penpa Tashi (Tibetan Xietong County), DaBoer (Lhoba nationality), Zhu Zhongkui, Ren Houmin, Xiang Batashi (Tibetan), Xiangba Pincao (Tibetan), Choedon la (Tibetan), Tsering Paldon (Female-Tibetan), Tsering Yangchen (Female-Tibetan), Xu Chengcang, Wu Yingjie, Zhang Yanqing (Tibetan), Abu (Chinese), Lhatso (Tibetan- Female), Sonji Tashi (Tibetan), Lhopon Dhondup (Tibetan), Lobsang Jangsem (Tibetan), Yao Chi (Female-Tibetan), Tan Haiyu (Female), Ceng Wanming, Jampa Dolma (Female- Tibetan)

Security crackdown in TAR

July 28, 2017
The official Tibet Daily reported on July 28, 2017, that a new crackdown on “illegal activity” has been launched in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) to “safeguard national unity and social stability” and ensure compliance to the Party prior to the 19th Party Congress. It says further actions will be taken to “prevent […] problematic information distributed by Dalai Clique and other Western hostile forces and track down on-line circulation of negative information, hyper-speculation and rumors.” TAR Party Secretary Wu Yingjie was cited in the article as saying that he and the other delegates will undertake the “glorious mission” of representing the regional Party authorities to address the “political priority” of “stability maintenance”. Speaking to the TAR’s delegates separately, Wu Yingjie spoke about the importance of the “management of religious affairs.”[Source]
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