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July 17, 2018 By Center for China Analysis and Strategy, CCAS


TAR Party Secretary visits Kindergarten

June 01, 2018

On International Children’s Day on May 31, TAR Party Secretary Wu Yingjie visited a Bilingual kindergarten in Chengguan district of Lhasa. Posters highlighting the contrast between “old and new Tibet” were pasted in the corridors of the school. TAR Party Secretary Wu Yingjie advised the children to understand the trust and loyalty of the Party and to remember Chinese President Xi Jinping’s message of safeguarding the motherland’s unity.

Training Course for Lhasa’s Budget Performance

June 05, 2018

A training class for enhancing efficiency in Lhasa’s budget performance began in Lhasa on June 4. Well-known experts were invited, including a Professor from Beijing’s Information Science and Technology University who gave a lecture on financial performance and management. The Training was especially to strengthen the budgetary performance of the Central Party’s special funds. All departments have been mandated to achieve an overall budget performance target of over 300,000 Yuan by end of the fiscal year 2019. The Lhasa Municipal Government has also established a mechanism to assess nine key livelihood policies and major projects in Lhasa.

Tibet University Takes Measures to Promote Teachers’ Teaching Skills

June 05, 2018

Since March 2018, the Tibet University has launched a large number of military training activities for teachers. To oversee the progress of this training, a group comprising “excellent teachers with high moral character, excellent professional skills, and strong educational and teaching abilities” was constituted. According to the arrangement, Tibet University has organized departments to further study the State Council’s “Opinions on Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of the Teaching Staff in the New Era”, “National Standards for Undergraduate Teaching Quality”, “Undergraduate Professional Certification Standards” and “Tibetan College Teacher’s Classroom Basic Requirements” etc. In order to ensure that military training activities progress steadily and effectively, the school has established a college weekly report system, an activity of office inspection system, and a contact school principal guidance system to strengthen supervision of large military training activities. The University is mandated to submit a “Weekly Report on the Teaching Skills of Teachers in Tibet University. Two leadership groups and inspection teams were also set up.[PDF]

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