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China’s damming of the river: A policy in disguise

September 23, 2016

  China’s control over “blue gold” wealth on Tibetan plateau has armed China with tremendous leverage and made them a potential water power in a way Saudi Arabia is an oil power.[1] Moreover, the country which has the largest number of dams in the world with two -third of it located on Tibetan plateau, is... Read more »......Read More

By Dechen Palmo*

Damming the Three Parallel Rivers of Tibet

June 4, 2016

The Tibetan plateau is also known as the "Water Tower of Asia." is the origin of major Asian rivers. The most of the riparian countries are dependent on rivers flowing from Tibet. Previously, rivers in Tibet were considered pristine, well preserved and unaffected by human activity. However, this all changed under China's occupation and its abuse of natural resources.......Read More

By Dechen Palmo