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Recreating Tibet Outside: Early Years of the Refugee Community

June 27, 2017

Going through the pages of Exile, one is amazed by the generosity of India and how this generosity has enabled the Tibetan refugees to re-construct Tibet outside of Tibet. Lobsang Gyatso Sither, the compiler and editor of the photo journal, focuses on four key efforts of the Tibetan refugees in the re-construction of their community in exile.......Read More

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In China, Xi News and Non-Xi News

December 15, 2015

The effects of globalisation, the pinyinization of global commerce and Xi-nization of China are producing some surprising results in the media around the world. The most surprising result took place in India during President Xi Jinping’s visit last year.......Read More

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“In Tibet, China Moves from Empire-lite to Empire-heavy”

December 9, 2015

There are libraries of literature on the Cold War as seen from Western, Soviet, Third World or independent scholarly perspectives. But rarely has there been a book on how the Cold War as it was played out on the remote, sprawling plateau of Tibet reveals the Chinese state’s weakness back then and provided Beijing the opportunity to strengthen its presence in its new imperial real estate.......Read More

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A Warrior Sings for Tibet

October 5, 2015

We don’t know after whom Loten Namling models himself. Traditional Tibet was peopled by characters who struck out on their own to earn merit or a living. Itinerant monks, yogis, travelling minstrels, hermits, lama manis, bridge-builders and story-tellers whose roles as saints, entertainers or educators had a niche in old Tibet’s......Read More

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The Dalai Lama’s China Experience and Its Impact

April 16, 2015

By now it is an open secret the degree to which respect for the Dalai Lama is growing in China within the leadership and business circles and amongst the ordinary people. The BBC's exclusive report on China's super-rich communist Buddhists is the latest proof.......Read More

By Thubten Samphel

Xi Jinping: the Great Balancer

January 9, 2015

There is no shortage of commentators trying to figure out what China’s rise means to the international system. Lately their focus has shifted to Xi Jinping, the party secretary and the country’s president, whose ability to consolidate his power within the party structure has been swift and unrelenting.  What does a strong country with a... Read more »......Read More

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The Jailor Jailed: Zhou Yongkang Behind Bars

December 6, 2014

In a widely anticipated move, Zhou Yongkang, China's most powerful domestic security chief who on his watch commanded a budget bigger than that of China's armed forces, was late this week expelled from the Chinese Communist Party, ......Read More

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Book review: A Home in Tibet by Tsering Wangmo Dhompa

September 29, 2014

It is not easy to classify Tsering Wangmo Dhompa’s debut book, A Home in Tibet, into any genre. How should we read her book, as a memoir or a travelogue? Perhaps, it is both and in this sense, is evocative of Colin Thubron’s To A Mountain in Tibet.......Read More

By Thubten Samphel

The Challenge of Exile and Writing

September 1, 2014

China's control of Tibet for more than fifty years has led to a gradual sinicization of Tibetan art, culture and literature within Tibet. However, in exile, Tibetan art and literature not only claim distinct Tibetan identity but also tend to tibetanize their foreign influences. ......Read More

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Don’t block the tap

July 28, 2014

The Dalai Lama was the first to suggest that tackling Tibet’s looming environmental crisis deserves precedence over efforts to resolve its protracted political problem.......Read More

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