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September 17, 2018 By Center for China Analysis & Strategy, CCAS


TAR PSB creates “3-minute Police Circle”

September 06, 2018

The TAR PSB recently launched a “3-minute police circle” initiative as part of a new series of surveillance measures. Police Stations under this scheme will issue ID cards to residents for ‘free’. The new Saikang Convenience Police Station, at the intersection of Beijing Middle road and Qingnian Road in Lhasa, is part of the “3-minute police circle” initiative and in addition to public security tasks assists tourists visiting the city. An example was cited of two Swiss tourists who were lost and arrived at the Saikang Convenience Police Station. The Police Station got in touch with one Sonam Dorjee, Dean of Southwest University for Nationalities and an English major, who arrived in 3 minutes and guided the tourists to their destination. The official Tibetan media report said Sonam and his colleagues make at least forty times a day to convenience police stations if necessary. Chen Jian, Head of the Convenience Police Detachment of the TAR Public Security Department, said “since the police stations were built, they are committed to facilitate and benefit people. By dividing the service management of each place into a grid, the 3-minute police circle has not only facilitated the masses but also increased their sense of security”. He added that the convenience police stations have made the streets and alleys of Lhasa secure.

97.6% of the township police stations in Tibet also oversee household registration, second-generation ID card processing and issue of birth certificates. The remaining 2.4% of township police stations have not been allocated these responsibilities due to ‘lack of access to internet, electricity etc.’ Other card-issuing centers send ID cards of residents to concerned police stations from where these are either sent by courier or collected in person.[PDF]

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