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China’s New Infrastructure Projects at India’s Doorstep

June 14, 2018

Since the 19th Party Congress, where Chinese President Xi Jinping’s pet project “Belt and Road Initiative” has been moulded into the constitution of the People’s Republic of China, China is witnessing a new trend among its regional governments. They are seen formulating projects in order to secure resources from Beijing and to cash in on this broad and largely undefined “initiative.”......Read More

By Tenzin Desal*

Another White Paper on “Religious Freedom” to Evade UN Scrutiny

April 13, 2018

According to a report that appeared on the English website of China Tibet Online on 12 April, 2018, the State Council Information Office issued a white paper titled, “China’s Policies and Practices on Protecting Freedom of Religious Belief." However, the Tibetan version of its website, ཀྲུང་གོའི་བོད་ལྗོངས་ appears to make no mention of this document.......Read More

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Annotated English translation of a report in Tibet Daily

December 4, 2017

This is the annotated English translation of a report published in Tibet Daily on 27 November, 2017. It reports a meeting held in Tibet over 10 years since the circulation of the "Order no. 5, the Measures on the Management of the Reincarnation of Living Buddhas."......Read More

By Tenzin Desal*

When the Empires Fall Apart: Managing Diversity in Two Asian Giants — An essay

November 16, 2017

The birth of two Asian giants -- India and China -- is separated by two years. At the stroke of midnight on 15 August 1947, administration ruling one-fifth of humanity is passed on from the Colonial British to Independent India. The first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru gave his indelible "Tryst with Destiny" speech before the Constituent Assembly in a confident Lutyen enclave of Delhi.......Read More

By Tenzin Desal*

China and the making of a colonial state

February 20, 2017

The octogenarian emperor of the Qing dynasty, Qianlong in September 1793, was to receive a delegation from an island nation, whose mercantile organisation, East India Company was sweeping across India, drawing spices and raw materials to serve its factories. When the British trade mission led by George Macartney arrived at the court of the Qing... Read more »......Read More

By Tenzin Desal*

Dilemma of development: Tibet’s development project and reductionist reading

December 31, 2015

China has poured money and resources into Tibet and Tibetan areas. Development became one of the key policies with which to ‘tame’[ii]the restive Tibetan inhabited areas. A sense of dilemma and confusion gripped policy makers, academics, and observers in the wake of protests by a large number of Tibetans in 2008, which were followed by an unprecedented wave of self-immolations across Tibetan inhabited areas.......Read More

By Tenzin Desal*