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A Book Launched the Worldwide Tibet Movement

April 3, 2019

Tibet was once all over the world, thanks in part to the Tibetan ability to tell the Tibet story. Some say the worldwide web of Tibet supporters was woven by a book. This will be explored later.  In the meantime, Tibet embedded itself in the global consciousness and the international community’s conscience that spawned a... Read more »......Read More

By Thubten Samphel*

China’s Assertion of Sovereignty On Tibet’s Spiritual Space

March 18, 2019

While the world ponders the horrifying meaning of the two mosque massacres in New Zealand, a silent and consequential struggle is being waged in the mountains of Tibet. The struggle between Beijing and the Tibetan people for the soul of Tibet and how the Tibetans will react to the outcome will re-shape relations between church... Read more »......Read More

By Thubten Samphel*

Costumes, Jewellery and Hats of Old Tibet

March 16, 2019

Costumes and Jewellery of Tibet By Namgyal L. Taklha The Tibet Museum, Dharamshala, 2018, pp 196 Traditional Tibet was a land of hats. These hats were worn to protect Tibetan heads from the searing summer sun and bitter winter wind and cold. According to Namgyal L. Taklha, the author of Costumes and Jewellery of Tibet,... Read more »......Read More

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A Playbook for the New Great Game?

March 4, 2019

Will Tibet Ever Find Her Soul Again? India-Tibet Relations 1947-1962: Part 2 By Claude Arpi United Institution of India, New Delhi, Vij Books India Pvt Ltd, 2018, pp 569, Rs 1,550 The brilliance of new China’s leaders in pursuing their hard-nosed strategic objectives in Tibet was to weave a plausible narrative of ‘liberation’ around what... Read more »......Read More

By Thubten Samphel*

Making a Deal with the Devil

September 25, 2018

This month the Vatican and China signed a provisional agreement that allows the Holy See to approve bishops appointed by the Chinese Communist Party. Some commentators say the Vatican just made a deal with the devil.......Read More

By Thubten Samphel*

Zhu Weiqun Fumes, Once Again, At the Middle-Way Policy

September 11, 2018

In the summer of this year, Tibetan NGOs in exile held two meetings here in Dharamshala. One was a meeting of Tibetans who advocate independence for Tibet. The other was a meeting of Tibetans who support the Middle-Way Policy, of Tibet enjoying genuine autonomy within the scope of the constitution of the People’s Republic of... Read more »......Read More

By Thubten Samphel*

The Man who Stole Tibet

June 27, 2018

Studio 59: Dialogue Artists’ Residency lies beyond the bridge in Khanyara in the lush valley below the foothills of the Dhauladhar range. The man behind Studio 59 hopes to transform it into an academy for Tibetan and other artists from around the world, to serve as a retreat in which they could give undivided attention and expression to their own evocation of Tibet. He hopes the academy would serve as a solitary place for Tibetan artists to meditate on “what does it mean to be a Tibetan in this day and age” and use the medium of art to evoke their meditation.......Read More

By Thubten Samphel*

The Fabulous Pandatsang Family Remembered

June 16, 2018

Dr. Carole McGranahan of the University of Colorado, Boulder gave a fascinating talk on 15 June on the fabulous Pandatsang family of Tibet, focusing on the figure of Rabga Pandatsang who founded Tibet's political party. Her jam-packed audience consisted of the researchers of the Tibet Policy Institute, other staff of the Central Tibetan Administration and members of Tibetan NGOs.......Read More

By Thubten Samphel*

Recreating Tibet Outside: Early Years of the Refugee Community

June 27, 2017

Going through the pages of Exile, one is amazed by the generosity of India and how this generosity has enabled the Tibetan refugees to re-construct Tibet outside of Tibet. Lobsang Gyatso Sither, the compiler and editor of the photo journal, focuses on four key efforts of the Tibetan refugees in the re-construction of their community in exile.......Read More

By Thubten Samphel*

In China, Xi News and Non-Xi News

December 15, 2015

The effects of globalisation, the pinyinization of global commerce and Xi-nization of China are producing some surprising results in the media around the world. The most surprising result took place in India during President Xi Jinping’s visit last year.......Read More

By Thubten Samphel*

“In Tibet, China Moves from Empire-lite to Empire-heavy”

December 9, 2015

There are libraries of literature on the Cold War as seen from Western, Soviet, Third World or independent scholarly perspectives. But rarely has there been a book on how the Cold War as it was played out on the remote, sprawling plateau of Tibet reveals the Chinese state’s weakness back then and provided Beijing the opportunity to strengthen its presence in its new imperial real estate.......Read More

By Thubten Samphel*

A Warrior Sings for Tibet

October 5, 2015

We don’t know after whom Loten Namling models himself. Traditional Tibet was peopled by characters who struck out on their own to earn merit or a living. Itinerant monks, yogis, travelling minstrels, hermits, lama manis, bridge-builders and story-tellers whose roles as saints, entertainers or educators had a niche in old Tibet’s......Read More

By Thubten Samphel*