August 27, 2018


Lhasa Natural Gas Station to start second phase expansion project July 30, 2018

In seven years of operation the Lhasa Natural Gas Station has replaced 210,000 tons of standard coal, reducing 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide and 145,000 tons of dust. From the winter of 2017 to the spring of 2018, the Lhasa gas station had a peak gas consumption of 200,000 square meters and a total gas consumption of 31 million square meters. Before the arrival of the ‘heating’ season this year, the Lhasa Natural Gas Station will start the second phase of the expansion and reconstruction project in order to meet the gas demand of the vast number of residents in Lhasa. Zhang Guangyan, station director of the Lhasa Natural Gas Station, said that using natural gas for heating and cooking had never been thought of in the past. Today, 200,000 residents in Lhasa enjoy the changes brought about by natural gas and green energy. Lhasa has achieved full coverage of natural gas. He said many residents of Lhasa were in the beginning reluctant to use natural gas, but now they want a natural gas pipeline. The gas volume has nearly doubled since 2015 and daily gas consumption of the natural gas station reached 200,000 square meters in 2017 and total gas consumption hit a record high of 31 million square meters. Zhang Guangyan said that liquefied natural gas (LNG) in all natural gas stations in Lhasa city is from the Golmud LNG production plant in Qinghai Oilfield. During the ‘heating’ season, 100 tons of large tanker trucks pass through Hoh Xil and Tanggula Mountain, more than 5,000 meters above sea level, to Lhasa every day. When natural gas is not required in Lhasa for heating, daily natural gas consumption is only tens of thousands of square meters and the number of vehicles transporting LNG is reduced. The Lhasa Natural Gas Station will start the second phase of its expansion and reconstruction project this August. Once completed, the gas reserves of the gas station will increase significantly.[PDF]

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